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The Turning Wave Festival Inc. is a not-for-profit, volunteer driven association that celebrates Irish and Australian music and the related arts in both their traditional and contemporary contexts.

Turning Wave recognises the significant connections between Ireland and Australia and the rich and enduring influence of the Irish on the cultural life of our country. This recognition is manifested in a number of events, sessions, and céilithe and, included an annual festival (2006-17).

The Festival is currently in indefinite recess though from time to time we do run special events and sessions so stay connected via our website and Facebook page.

No Current Turning Wave Festival Activities Planned

For all of you who have been asking, we hope to organise another session weekend in the future and will look forward to comeing together again to enjoy and make music.


Make Music Day 2024

June 21

Join the worldwide celebration of music!

Performed by anyone. Free for everyone.


Norm Merrigan Memorial Session Weekend

Turning Wave Festival's last major get-together was the Gundagai Session Weekend (22-24 Nov 2019) in memory of Norm Merrigan. Unfortunately we haven't been able to organise any further activities though we are hoping to come together again soon so please stay connected via the website or Facebook. In the meantime, enjoy this rendition of the Concertina Reel and if you were one of the musicians or dancers, thank you so much for being there. 

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